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Fashion/ Editorial

The FASHION makeup artist today is not bound by traditional materials, styles, and conventions. They are able to push boundaries by calling upon a wide range of techniques, to create innovative effects for your runway or photo shoot. Having said that, this is not just about making models look beautiful. It is also about knowing what kind of makeup looks good with the clothing and accessories. This kind of discerning eye takes years of experience to develop and we are proud to say that experience and skill is on our side.

We offer our services to cater to different kinds of fashion photo shoot such as editorials, runway and catwalks or advertising purposes. We also do makeup for AVANT GARDE or HAUTE COUTURE fashion shoots.

Our makeup artists are always available for discussion and input on how clients want the way their models to look. We always pride ourselves in providing the best possible service for any event.

So whats shall be your FLAVOUR today?

Price : Please enquire within

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