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About the founder

Josephine is a makeup artist with a passion for creation. Her career in the art of hair and makeup stemmed from a love of creativity with makeup from a very young age. This passion from a young age with constant experimenting whilst keeping up to date with current trends, styles and products has refined her abilities to create unique looks beyond the realms of her own and clients expectations.

Though mainly self taught, she is certified in the beauty and fashion makeup artistry, implementing looks that cover a wide range with EXCEPTIONAL results, bold and daring, sexy and eye-catching, romantic and soft, and everything in-between. With now over years of experience in the fashion and makeup industry, she has become a highly experienced, passionate and a committed makeup artist. Josephine brings to her work a professionalism that can only be found in those who genuinely love the work they create.




This love easily spills over from her artistry to the people she meets and works with.  Like a fairy godmother with a wave of her magic wand, Josephine adores transforming beautiful people into breathtaking showcases of visual spectacle. Her versatility and adaptability is exemplified by her numerous successful undertakings such as weddings, commercial photo-shoots, personal occasions and on-screen projects  while bringing professionalism and a collaborative spirit to each and every engagement. She has the ability to recognise that no canvas is exactly like another. No face is exactly like another. This is one of the things that makes it so beautiful and exciting for her. Today, Josephine continues to work passionately, creating exquisite makeup looks on faces everywhere and helping her clients to feel confident and look their best! She also shares her expertise by providing private and group consultations and lessons.

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