Wedding Makeup vs Personal Makeup

First and foremost, a lot more time and effort is spent on bridal makeup (even if the look can be done quickly, this is a process that should not be rushed) and will be very thoughtfully planned, with each makeup product made to be long lasting.

Because it's such a special day, most brides will typically pay additionally for a bridal trial & consultation so that any adjustments can be made, preferences can be sorted and logged. 

Wedding Makeup Malaysia

Makeover Loft’s professional makeup artists will typically apply a combination of long wear PREMIUM brand only products (which has been checked and weighed for comedegenic issues) such as primers, powders, setting sprays and waterproof mascara (for criers). Our makeup artists also employs advanced techniques such as baking, contouring and facial/eye correction to achieve symmetry and further enhancements. High definition makeup is generally always used as well so there is no flashback in pictures. Brides with bigger budgets will secure their professional makeup artist with a stayback rate and will have them do the touch ups versus having to powder their own noses, etc.
One tip: beware of makeup artists that have you pick out your own lip and foundation from a makeup store. It is not your job to find your own foundation and complimentary lip colors. If they are a legit makeup artist they will know how to expertly match your shade and will have a fully stocked kit.

The Makeover Loft is a place that represents professional makeup artists in Malaysia to suit every requirement and budget. 

Here, not only are we stringent about gathering the most PASSIONATE Makeup Artists in Malaysia, but our keen eye for recognising talent makes us adept at pairing our clients with the most appropriate and competent freelance makeup artists to assist & satisfy every individual’s beauty needs.

The Makeover Loft is the makeup salon you should look for for your next wedding, nikah makeup, dinner makeup or costume makeup and etc if you want to ensure the most PERSONALISED, friendly and skilled service.