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TVC/ Film

For television and video shoots and appearances, We provide makeup and grooming that is appropriate for high-definition television. For women, we work with colors and special mixing techniques to create a custom look for each individual in the shoot by matching skin undertone, and enhancing features with colors. Hair and makeup are such a vital important part of the filmmaking process, even if it’s not always obvious.

Even when we aren’t painting actors to look like aliens, our makeup artists helps film director tell stories about their characters and help cinematographers vision a reality.

Its not so much about choosing which cosmetics a female character might use, but designing looks for all characters.  

These can be used to  achieve certain effects (making someone look dirty or sinister) or simply to prepare an actor’s skin to reflect the lights the cinematographer is setting up properly.

This is also known as making someone “Camera Ready."

Even if a character doesn’t need any particular makeup, they still need to be made up for the hash lights and an HD camera that captures EVERYTHING.

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