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Updated: Oct 19, 2020

COVID-19 not only affects the public health and economic development, but the introduction of the “new normal” has reduced most of us into a perpetual state of uncertainty.

For a woman who usually prides herself in appearing perfectly coiffed and immaculate, is now left wondering like a fish out of water, how she can still look good with the constant use of protective face masks she has to don every day.

Will we now have to stow away our arsenal of makeup for good akin to Chinese period dramas where we see warriors sealing their swords away for life and vowing to live as hermits?

Hold your horses ladies!! as it has been said that in every crisis lies opportunity. Remember that line? The EYES are the window to our soul? 😁

What other opportune moment other than NOW to experiment and get away with various eye make-up styles?? Since eyes have become the sole focus of our daily make-up, we can do ANYTHING to it. Be brave girls!! Cat eyes, gradient eyes, upside down liners, shimmery eyes, smokey eyes, etc etc… ALL valid now! anytime! anywhere! We can never go wrong, because HEY! the white surgical face mask goes with anything right?

Oh, along with the above, we have some extra tips that we are pleased to share on how to fail-proof and melt proof your eye makeup.

First off, ensure the canvas is in good condition – and by this we mean your entire eye area. Groom the eyebrow, and apply suitable creams onto your eyes. Avoid heavy eye cream if you have oily eyelids, and always choose oil-free eye care products. And always remember to ensure that your skin is dry before applying make-up.

Next: DON’T EVER SKIMP ON PRIMER!! We can’t stress enough the importance of a good quality primer to ensure that your eye make-up will still be there at least till lunch time. Let’s face it, no amount of oil-free product can actually halt the oil production on the eyelids, hence primer is a must to ensure none of your eye make-up slides away from where it is intended to be.

As an additional measure, applying concealer and foundation on your eyelids AFTER your primer is a solid insurance. Hide those dark circles too using any red coloured pigments. (come on, we knew you have acquired dark circles and eye bags binge-watching Netflix during the lock down). You may even use red lipstick – trust us, this does work!

And when that is all done, it is the time to PLAY – take out your eye shadow palette and swipe away to your heart’s content. Use the right brushes, invest in good quality ones, and believe us, it does make a difference. As much as brushes is important, so are the eye shadows itself. Go for the highly pigmented ones and opt for velvety and smooth (not powdery!) types for easier blending.

We also know that there might be a tendency to build your eye shadow a tad too much, after all, eyes are the only ones left on your face which is not covered by those god-awful but necessary face masks. Just have patience, build up colours and BLEND GENTLY.

Start with a pale or nude coloured eye shadow (we call these transition shades) These will serve as a base to give more vivid depth to the other colours you decide to put on. Always start from the lighter colour to a darker shade and we can’t stress this enough – BLEND GENTLY. Don’t over blend or you will end up looking patchy and uneven. Go with slow and gentle brush strokes, and build up colour GRADUALLY until you get the result you desire.

And lastly, MASCARA and finish off with setting spray and you can kiss smudgy eyes goodbye and say HELLO fool-proof eye makeup 😊

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