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Korean Makeup Vs Western Makeup

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

As the year draws closer to the end, it is exciting to appreciate the trends that have influenced the world of makeup, notably the Korean style makeup and the American style makeup. To understand these trends, and to comprehend its increasing appeal, lets look at the differences between the two kinds of makeup:

Beauty is in the EYE of the beholder – Korean makeup prides itself on youthful and barely-there look, hence lighter coloured straight eyebrows are preferred. Similarly, single colour eyeshadow with a thin and winged eyeliner is enough for achieving the Korean makeup style. Western makeup however, accentuates the eyebrow with chiselled arch and darker coloured strokes. Smokey eyes are sought after, and darker coloured eyeshadow are used to create depth and a sultry effect.

For beautiful LIPS, speak only words of kindness – lips makeup between Korean and Western approach differs like night and day. Korean goes for pucker stained look or the Korean gradient lips which has darker colour in the middle of the lips and lighter colour on the outer part. Western makeup goes for fuller and luscious look with matte or semi-matte finishes all over the lips.

Rosy CHEEKS will always stand out in a field of grey – both Korean and Western makeup agrees on the importance of blusher, but Korean makeup goes for a flushed light pink or peach colour on the cheeks and bridge of nose whilst Western makeup emphasizes on cheekbones with bronzer, highlighter and all over contouring.

The most beautiful FACE is always the face of the peaceful mind – Korean makeup is all about translucent skin and dewy look achieved by lightweight foundation, therefore, good and disciplined skin care regime is a must. Western makeup, on the other hand, goes for matte and perfectly even-skinned look accomplished by layers of concealers, correctors, primer and foundation.

Overall, Western makeup aims for a more mature and bolder look, while Korean makeup focuses on achieving a youthful look and tries to stay as natural as possible. There is also a set of beauty standards that goes with Korean makeup : fair skin, double eyelid, small face, and V-line jaw. As for Western makeup : tanned skin, large eyes, full lips and sculpted jaw are more preferable.

We will see how 2020 is going to bring about changes to the whole dimension of Korean versus Western style of makeup, although we think that a combination of both might work to our advantage. Youthful overall look with a subtle hint of smokey eyes, coupled with a barely-there blush and an impeccably defined pout might be the upcoming trend and perfect for you.

Here in Makeover Loft, we are able to create whatever look you want, Korean or Western, or even a hybrid of both, nothing is impossible to our professional makeup artists. And if it is too difficult for you to decide, our professional makeup artists, with their vast experience in bringing your best feature forward, will be able to help you decide and give suggestions on which way to go.

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