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As a cinematographer and photographer, Julez has an discerning and artistic eye for art and emotion. Today Julez has a portfolio showcasing her amazing ability to translate emotion through visual imagery.
​She began her career as an entrepreneur since she was 16 years. Her love for performing art and filmmaking started when she first knew how to use a pencil and started to draw every moment that happened around her into a cartoon book. 
Today, as a cinematographer and photographer, Julez is fulfilling her true passion, by capturing moments thru motion pictures and photography together with her winning team. Walking one step at a time towards being a better filmmaker and photographer

Wedding shooting is always full of touching stories and moments of surprise.

It is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion and MAKEOVERLOFT is here to capture such a MOMENTUOUS day for you in one take.

Julez does not just take pictures, she thrives on capturing natural reactions and moments, and capturing them creatively. She photographs each and every couple uniquely because she understands that each couple is different in every way. Your story will be told by capturing unpredictably authentic, RAW, EMOTIONAL and heart-warming moments, which would later transform into a series of precious memories for you and your loved ones to look back with laughter and tears.

Rest assured that not only do we work extremely hard to make sure that your experience with us begins and ends with a SMILE, each and every time, bur theres always lots of fun, laughter and candid moments during our photography session.

Photographing your wedding is our HONOUR. Genuineness and EXCLUSITIVITY define our philosophy of making wedding photos.

Our VISION is to make every wedding couple have their own unique memory under our camera.  We make your BLISSFUL moments in a TIMELESS & natural way, creating images that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Wedding Photography


     - All your corporate needs and profiles

     - Fashion &  Commercial Photography

     - Magazine Editorials

     - Potrait & Headshots

     - And many other misc events.

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